Stone and Leaf Irrigation has a strong commitment to customer service, providing timely and effective responses to customer inquiries and issues. They will communicate clearly and transparently with clients throughout the installation and maintenance process and will take the time to educate clients on the proper use and care of their irrigation system.


Proper installation of irrigation systems requires the use of quality materials, including pipes, fittings, and sprinkler heads. It also involves the proper placement and positioning of irrigation components to ensure that water is distributed evenly across the target area.

Overall, quality irrigation work requires a thorough understanding of irrigation principles, attention to detail during installation, and regular maintenance to ensure that the system performs optimally and delivers water efficiently to plants or crops.


Quality irrigation service refers to the maintenance, repair, and upgrading of an existing irrigation system to ensure that it continues to operate efficiently and effectively. A high-quality irrigation service provider has the expertise and experience to identify and resolve issues with irrigation systems, including clogged or damaged sprinkler heads, leaks, or malfunctioning controllers.

When providing irrigation services, the provider will typically perform a thorough inspection of the system to identify any areas that require attention.


An irrigation start-up service is a service provided by irrigation professionals that prepares an irrigation system for the upcoming watering season. This service is typically performed in the spring, before the irrigation system is used for the first time in the season.

The technician will also typically inspect the system’s components to identify any areas of wear or damage that may need repair or replacement. This may include checking the condition of pipes, valves, and other irrigation components to ensure they are in good working order.


Winterizing an irrigation system involves taking steps to protect the system from damage caused by freezing temperatures and the buildup of ice. When water inside an irrigation system freezes, it can expand and cause pipes to crack or burst, leading to significant damage and costly repairs.

To winterize an irrigation system, a technician will typically perform a series of steps to ensure that all water is drained from the system and that any remaining water is protected from freezing.

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