Lawn Fertilization

Healthy - Organic - Sustainable

Beautiful lawns are a result of care and maintenance.  A lawn fertilization plan is central to having healthy grass.  Entrust Stone & Leaf Landscaping to develop an organic and sustainable turf management program for your property.

Our Organic Plans

We offer organic lawn fertilization plans to help maintain a healthy and sustainable lawn. A Stone and Leaf Lawn Technician will help determine the best option for treating your property that helps meet the needs of the client while maintaining a healthy and sustainable lawn.

Step One
Site Analysis

We will take a soil sample of your property to determine the most sustainable approach to treating your yard.

Step Two
Program Development

After a site analysis and discussion with our client we will determine the most appropriate plan to meet your needs.

Step Three

We begin with our customize approach to making your yard healthy.

100% Organic Lawns

We offer an alternative to chemical-based lawn treatments. These programs are safer for pets, children, and the environment.

Why organic?

Organic fertilizing programs help improve your lawn naturally by improving your overall soil quality. Over time your soil will become more self-sustaining.

aeration and Overseeding

One of the greatest things you can do for your lawn is aeration. This will allow proper air and water into your soil. Overseeding after aeration can create a thick and healthy lawn.

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“It is with great pleasure that I am writing to endorse Stone & Leaf.”

My wife and I are the type that conduct extensive research and analysis when making major purchases on hiring contractors. After reviewing several contractors and receiving multiple proposals we decided to go with Stone & Leaf and couldn't have been happier with the results.
- Scott P.

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Full Service Lawn Maintenance

Stone & Leaf Landscaping is your trusted resource for any home or commercial project. Considered to be the best landscaping company in our region, we hold ourselves to extremely high standards. Assuring that no matter what type of seasonal project you may have, we will rise to the occasion.
Many consider us the top landscaping and design company in our area. We are honored by this distinction and look forward to imparting this reputation into your project. We are based out of Somerset, Wisconsin and proudly serve the cities of the St. Croix Valley area.
We don’t just treat your lawn; we care for it. This means we use environmentally friendly methods to encourage healthy grass and eliminate weeds. Overall, we take the time to understand what your property needs and how to best care for it. We will do a soil sample to determine what your property needs, and we will provide the best organic lawn treatments to assure that your lawn uses the safest approach to achieving the desired lawn you are looking for. We hope to be the best organic lawn treatment company in Hudson, New Richmond, Bayport, Somerset, Afton, Houlton, Stillwater, Oak Park Heights, Lake Elmo, River Falls, Lakeland and others in Western Wisconsin and Eastern Minnesota.
Trust our team to care for your lawn. A truly exceptional property means caring for all aspects of your living landscapes, and this includes your grass. Our clients value having a partner that will ensure a healthy lawn all season long. The ability to turn over this task to the professionals and not worry about it, is something our clients love. Working with our staff will be an impressively easy component to your overall experience. We will listen closely to your needs, respect the unique nature of your project, and always be honest about how we work.
Call us, email us, or submit a request through our contact form. We will promptly respond and look forward to earning your trust. You may have many options to consider but we’re confident there’s only one that will provide the service and value you deserve.